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What to Do If Your Basement Floods

Finding water in your basement is more than just a headache. It’s an emergency.

Don’t panic

There are actions you can take right away to stop further damage and control the flood. With safety in mind (standing water is a shock risk!), examine the basement and determine the reason for the flood. Is it weather related? Overflowing washer? Busted pipe? There are a lot of reasons your basement is a gigantic puddle. Priority number one is stopping the water. Once the water is stopped, and you’ve determined the basement is safe to enter, it is time to get to work.

Act quickly

Take your most valuable damp items upstairs and dry them off as soon as possible. Then, mop up water because mold grows fast. Use solution that contains bleach to disinfect the area. However, if the water is a few inches deep, wear rubber boots, and remove water with a wet vac. Sop up any remaining water with towels and use fans. All towels and fabrics should be washed and dried.

Dry, dry, dry…

Mold and mildew are your enemies after a flood. Even when the water is mostly gone, make sure everything is dry. Keep dehumidifiers running at all times and open the windows. Point some of the fans towards the windows to get the moisture out. If opening windows is not an option, run your air conditioner or furnace on constantly.

Toss out ruined things

You might take a loss with some of your things. An example, if rugs or furniture don’t dry out fast enough and begin to smell, it might be time to throw them out. For prevention, plastic tubs work best for storage in a basement. Throw all the soggy boxes away and replace them with plastic. If important documents get wet, you can throw them in the freezer to dry them out.

As you can see, cleaning up a basement after a flood is a ginormous task. You are not alone! At Great Lakes Contracting Services, we are on your side, 24/7 to restore your basement. Time is of the essence, so call us, day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to help you clean and restore your basement after a flood. Great Lakes Contractor Services (GLCS) is a trusted name in the Midwest. We are dedicated to our customers and have experience with flood restoration. GLCS works by your side during the process to make you’re your expectations are exceeded. Call our 24-hour emergency response team at 855-403-6900.