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What the Stains on Your Ceiling Mean

You look up at your ceiling and there it is, your ceiling or ceiling tiles filled with ugly, brown discoloration that stands out like a dirty sore thumb compared to the rest of the room. While it’s important to clean it as thoroughly as possible (something that we can help with) it’s equally important to know where the stains are coming from. Here are three common reasons behind why your ceiling is becoming discolored. 

1) Dirty water may have dripped onto the back of the tile and soaked through to the face causing discolored stains. These will normally be yellow or brown in color and probably due to ferric oxide (rust) contamination. Check for possible roof leak or pipe leaks. Possible culprits may be a sprinkler, HVAC, supply or waste lines.

2) Tiles in the immediate vicinity of air grills or diffusers sometimes display black marks or streaks. This is due to dirt in the air being deposited on the tile’s surface as the air leaves or returns to the distribution system.

3) Heat from a room will rise and move through a suspended ceiling towards the (normally) cooler ceiling void. Small particles of dirt in the air will also rise and be deposited on the ceiling tile’s surface.

These are just a few reasons why your ceilings over time become dirty and discolored. While it may seem hopeless at first, don’t worry! We would love to help you! Be sure to give us a call at 855-403-6900, our local number 219-841-7905 or email us at info@glcsmidwest.com.