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Great Lakes Contractor Services is a general contracting company. GLCS is insured, licensed and bonded. We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial work. The GLCS team offers quality service, budget compliance, and timeliness of completion.

Ceiling Cleaning

Instead of replacing or painting tiles, let us pretreat stains and clean surfaces using our exclusive blend of Ceiling Pro cleaning solutions. By cleaning the tiles you will realize significant cost savings over the expense of tile replacement costs. With our proprietary Recoat process, acoustical tiles are restored to new while retaining their acoustical qualities and fire code ratings.

Diffusers & Light Lenses

Restore and renew soiled, stained, and corroded air handling system diffusers with a makeover using our specialized products. Updates the entire finished look of your environment with a fresh, clean appearance to your light lenses. We also replace lenses that are cracked or broken and match them to your existing ones for a uniform result.

Wall & Floor Cleaning

Restore wall and floor surfaces to new condition, including FRP, EIFS, concrete, brick, limestone, ceramic tile, plaster, drywall, metal, sandstone, and marble, to name just a few. Remove rust stains from any surface. Brighten the entire setting with a thorough restoration of walls and floors, resulting in an energized workplace and environment.

Detailed Equipment Cleaning

With Pro Shiny Steel and Pro Liquid Steel, we tackle difficult grease, soil, baked on foods, and built up soot. Restoring surfaces to their original shine, equipment is cleaned and protected. Hard to remove soil from open flames, organic and inorganic oils, and natural gas is eliminated from metal and stainless steel appliances, machinery, and furnishings.

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