Disaster Recovery Cleanup Services

When disaster strikes, you want someone with experience to help. At Great Lakes Contractor Services, it is our honor to be the Region’s 24-hour emergency cleanup team. Our goal is to restore your home, your business, and your life fast. We are an IICRC certified restoration company, and our experts use the latest technology and equipment to restore buildings and homes to their original condition.

Worried about cost? The GLCS team works closely with insurance adjusters to help you work within the limits of your policy. We like to help make the process as easy and painless as possible!

Disaster comes in many forms. Sometimes the weather is the culprit. From extreme wind, to hail, to blizzards, Midwestern Mother Nature can destroy your property. Destruction from the weather can feel overwhelming and scary. If it is your home, your family might be displaced. Plus, weather damage is always unexpected. It can feel like the world is ending! We understand these feelings and it is our goal to help put everything back together fast, so the damage is nothing but a memory.

Water can also wreak havoc! Water damage from a busted pipe, backed up machine, or sewage overflow should be addressed as soon as possible. When water is not addressed properly, it can result in hazardous mold. We are experienced and certified in drying out a water damaged area. We can also remove mold. Your time is precious, that is why we are efficient with our work. We work quickly while doing the job right. In fact, we look where you wouldn’t think to look to find mold. When we are done, you will have a clean, safe environment.

Fire damage is particularly worrisome and should be addressed right away. It is imperative that the proper procedures are followed to remove detrimental carcinogens that remain in your home, building, or business after a fire or smoke-related disaster. At GLCS, our experts can evaluate the damage and completely eliminate the soot and odors. We can also repair the damage to your structure and personal property.

Being there for our neighbors when they are in trouble is one of the best parts of the job. After the disaster recovery cleanup of the fire, water, or weather-related damage, your property will back to normal and you can breathe easy. With GLCS, you are not alone! We will assist you with each step of the process like getting permits and working with your mortgage and insurance companies. We are by your side all the way to the final inspections. You can hear from our happy customers HERE. Call us today: ​219-841-7905 or 855-403-6900. You can also email: for more information.