Dirty Ceilings are Health Violations

A dirty ceiling in a restaurant or other public location is more than an eyesore, it has the potential to cause serious implications for your business as a serious health violation.

Just like inspections of others areas of your restaurant such as food preparation and the floor, your ceiling is also a crucial component of passing or failing your health inspection

Unlike floors and even walls, ceilings are cleaned much less often and even, aren’t the easiest to clean without professional assistance.

Ceilings are overhead traps

While it may sound dramatic, the truth cannot be hidden.  Ceilings are the overhead traps that catch all of the airborne grease aerosols from the grill and all the humidity from the sinks and dishwashers.  

These are naturally sticky materials that along with getting stuck on the ceiling, catch all the other airborne debris common for businesses and normal buildings. This includes dust, dirt, bacteria and grime, some of which may or may not be visible.  

If you needed further proof just take a look at a kitchen air filter after it has been in place for several months.  The filter is usually clogged with junk it was designed to trap. Now take all of this debris and apply it to your ceiling. Your ceiling is just as dirty and not just in one sport, but spread out over hundreds of square feet.

Gravity Plays a Huge Role with Ceilings  

Gravity will eventually pull the ceiling dirt and debris down to the food level. What goes up must come down after all. Along with this, the air is being circulated by the air flow system, which also works to dislodge invisible ceiling debris and distribute it around the area.  If this didn’t sound bad enough, humidity either occurring naturally or through kitchen activity can cause the ceiling grid to rust causing the paint on the grid to peel and flake onto the food in the food prep area.

What Can You Do?

While tasking employees to clean the ceiling can seem like an obvious answer, there are several issues with this answer. These employees usually lack the training to properly clean away all of the grim and a janitorial staff also lacks the proper tools and qualifications to clean them away.

The best answer is to hire professionals that are Ceiling Pro International certified. That way you know that you have dedicated professionals who will give you ceiling a full clean and make sure that any upcoming health inspections are good to go from, at least from the ceiling perspective.

If you need help cleaning your ceilings before the upcoming health inspection, don’t hesitate to call Great Lakes Cleaning Services. We are Ceiling Pro certified and work with businesses to make sure their ceilings are clean, professional looking and ready to be presented to staff, inspectors and clients alike.