Cleaning Your Ceiling is Always a Good Choice

When your ceiling tiles are dirty, greasy and stained what should you do with them? While some would say that painting over them is a solution, this could not be further from the truth. Tile not cleaned prior to any type of coating being applied can cause deeply embedded dirt to tile to show up over the new paint.  If your ceiling is dirty, there are plenty of options you can take as we will discuss here.

As is the case with any coating that is applied to any surface, it needs to be clean, dry and dull for the coating to adhere properly. In some cases, business owners may feel that is it ok to simply paint over the dirty tile and eventually if you are able to remove the surface dirt and grime but the old dirt and grime that was under the previous paint job will still be there and will show through the paint.  

Painting isn’t always the best option 

Painting ceiling tiles can end up ruining the special qualities you wanted when they were first installed. Ceiling tiles are designed to be fire resistant and, help reduce noise and aid in a room’s brightness. Painting tiles will ruin these qualities and cause them to stick to the grid leading to breakage if the tiles ever have to be removed for maintenance of items behind them. Cleaning your tiles is a much safer option.

Should you replace your ceiling tiles?  

While replacing is a valid option, it is not always the best option, due to the cost of replacement and the disruption to your business. This is especially true in older buildings where asbestos and lead paint may be “hiding” behind the ceiling tiles, potentially causing an even larger issue.

Cleaning your ceiling is the most cost-effective option

Cleaning your ceiling tiles can be done for about 1/3 the price of replacement and in about 1/3 the time. Work is done around your schedule, so as not to impact your business operations. When working with professionals to clean your ceiling, you give it a new life that is sure to impress both your staff and your clients.

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