When it comes to any kind of interior or exterior construction project in Northwest Indiana, the question we always hear is “why hire us?”. We hear this and want to take some time to explain why it’s important to hire a professional construction team when it comes to your interior or exterior construction jobs. Years […]

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A dirty ceiling in a restaurant or other public location is more than an eyesore, it has the potential to cause serious implications for your business as a serious health violation. Just like inspections of others areas of your restaurant such as food preparation and the floor, your ceiling is also a crucial component of

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When your ceiling tiles are dirty, greasy and stained what should you do with them? While some would say that painting over them is a solution, this could not be further from the truth. Tile not cleaned prior to any type of coating being applied can cause deeply embedded dirt to tile to show up

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You look up at your ceiling and there it is, your ceiling or ceiling tiles filled with ugly, brown discoloration that stands out like a dirty sore thumb compared to the rest of the room. While it’s important to clean it as thoroughly as possible (something that we can help with) it’s equally important to

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