As the heart of the home, keeping an updated kitchen is important. New kitchen trends set a wonderful atmosphere for cooking, eating, and making memories. Here are some of the best new kitchen trends of 2019: For more tips on the biggest kitchen trends for 2019, be sure to contact us!

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After a flood, most homeowners are worried about getting their house back to looking good. They think more about redecorating the space than restoring damage. But it’s not just a matter of cleaning up the water, re-painting and replacing some carpet. Your first priority should be to make sure that your home is safe. After

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So, you’ve hired a contractor, whether to do a remodel job, restoration project or start from the ground up. Maybe you want a little more information from them to make sure they know what they’re doing and to give you a little more insight into what to expect. If that is the case, here are

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New windows can benefit a home in many ways including modernization, draft prevention, climate regulation and many, many others. So, in this post we will look at reasons to update your windows and things you should know before you do.  Other reasons to update your windows are to save money on your energy bills, add

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Whether building a house or looking to remodel your home, the worst part can be picking a siding. The siding gives the first impression of your home so we put together a little rundown of what you’ll need to know about siding before you make the ultimate decision. 1. Vinyl is the most used siding in

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Thinking of selling your home? Before you do, think about adding some value to your home and here are a few tips and tricks we have to help you do so. 1. Get a home inspection. It will be a lot more beneficial for you to get on top of any issues that might be found

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So, you’ve planned your job flawlessly, the ideal addition to your home, a remodel job to modernize your home and impress your friends. But none of the planning means anything if you do not choose the right contractor to take on the job which is why we put together this guide of things to look

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As winter ends in North West Indiana, we are forced to see the kind of damage that maybe blizzards and heavy snow left. We looked at roof damage which may be one of the bigger ones but let’s look at other possible damage that may have occurred during the winter months. 1. Melting snow causes basement

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Living in North West Indiana, weather can definitely have an affect on your roof. Whether heavy snow lays on it for a long period of time, wind gives it a little damage or simple wear and tear leaves you with a leaky roof, here are a few ways that you can get a leaky roof

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Northwest Indiana can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to weather. Freezing temperatures are something to be aware of and to be prepared for. Here’s a few helpful tips to protect your home in freezing temperatures.  Disconnect any hoses you might have outside and ensure that the water to your outdoor faucets is off.  Double

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