10 Summer Projects & Trends 2020

Fireflies, sunglasses, and sprinklers – summer is on the way! Great Lakes Contractor Services (GLCS) is here to help with your interior and exterior construction, restoration and cleaning. From dreams to reality, no project is too big or too small! Here are some of our favorite summer projects and trends of 2020!

  1. A Secret Room- Secret rooms aren’t just for mystery novels. Modify you home in a fun way by having a bookshelf instead of doors. A secret room will definitely impress your friends and add some mystery and magic to your home.
  2. USB wall chargers- New construction often includes USB chargers in the outlets. If your home in older, you can add these. You are sure to enjoy the convenience and the sleek look.
  3. Install a Fence- Installing a fence is convenient for pet owners and parents with little ones! It also provides extra privacy. If you are planning on moving in the near future, fences add value to your home!
  4. Backyard Theatre- Bring the joy of film outdoors this summer, and build a backyard theatre! The possibilities are endless when creating a comfortable, designated place to munch on popcorn while watching the latest flick outside with your family and friends.
  5. Shed- In summer, you will probably use your shed a lot. Sheds are a great place to store tools and toys. It helps you have the things you need close by, and declutter your garage. If you don’t have a shed, or if you shed has seen better days, why not get a new shed this summer?
  6. Stain, Replace, or Build a Deck- People who have decks have a comfortable place to relax and play outdoors. When your deck is sun faded and falling apart, it is not a pleasant place to unwind. Have your deck stained and sealed or replaced to fully enjoy summer. If you don’t even have a deck, what are you waiting for?
  7. Window Seat- A great place to read a book with morning tea, and a beautiful custom design to any home is a window seat. Plus, if you have animals, they will love the view!
  8. New Windows- Speaking of windows, is it time or a replacement?New windows will help retain you’re the cool air from your air conditioner! They also look beautiful.
  1. Garage Revamp- Now is a great time to redo your garage. What about custom storage that makes your life easier? A garage door that doesn’t wake up the neighborhood? Garages don’t have to be a nightmare; they can be a useful, organized place to store your car and other items.
  2. Outdoor Kitchen- Do you long for a designated place to cook at eat outdoors? Many people are turning to outdoor kitchens! Build the kitchen of your dreams for a fun, easy way to entertain and dine outdoors.

What project can we help you with? Of course, our services an expertise go beyond this list alone. Call us today at 855-403-6900 to discuss your summer project. We look forward to helping you!